Poster session  

Location: Arsenaal building (ground floor)

Daniel Altshuler & Dag Haug
Hampshire College/UMass & University of Oslo)
A compositional semantics of provisional anaphors and cataphors at the semantics/pragmatics interface
Matthew Barros & Hadas Kotek
both Yale University
Scope restrictions in multiple sluicing and ellipsis licensing
Valentina Bianchi & Mara Frascarelli
Università degli Studi di Siena & Università di Roma Tre
On the inquisitive potential of propositional attitude complements
Dominique Blok
Utrecht University
What scope economy tells us about reconstruction and QR
Elena Castroviejo & Berit Gehrke
Ikerbasque and UPV/EHU & Paris Diderot and CNRS
‘Good’ as an evaluative intensifier
M.Teresa Espinal, Pilar Prieto & Susagna Tubau
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra & Universitat Autònoma der Barcelona
Negation at the interfaces. New perspectives on experimental research
Ljudmila Geist & Daniel Hole
both University of Stuttgart
Datives, extra arguments and semantic binding
Ezra Keshet
University of Michigan
A multidimensional system for compositional dynamic semantics
Moreno Mitrović
Bled Institute
Nanosemantics and the compositional anatomy of exclusive disjunction
Shiao-Wei Tham
Wellesley College
Lexical and compositional expressions of result location in Mandarin Chinese
Xavier Villalba & M.Teresa Espinal
both Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Aspect compositionality, abstract objects and information structure in idioms
Dennis Wegner
University of Wuppertal
What makes a perfect perfect(ive)? Recoverability and the semantics of HAVE