What relationships hold between Prosody and Melody?


Workshop – The interface within – 13 March 2017
Meertens Institute, Amsterdam*

9.30-10.15 Invited speaker: H. van der Hulst
University of Connecticut
The integration of segmental and syllabic structure in Radical CV Phonology
10.15-11:00 E. Rasin
Predictions of a phonological architecture with stress encapsulation
11.00-11.15 COFFEE BREAK
11.15-12.00 1M. Kramer & 2D. Zec
1University of Tromsø, 2Cornell University
Think positive: Manners at the interface to suprasegmental phonology
12.00-12.45 Invited speaker: V. Martínez-Paricio
University of València
The relationship between melody and prosody in a framework with internally layered feet
14.30-15.15 N. Faust & J. Brandão de Carvalho
University Paris 8
Vocalic templates and the structure/melody distinction
15.15-16.00 D. Passino
Nice Sophia Antipolis University
Prosody is not a projection of segmental content
16.00-16.15 COFFEE BREAK
16.15-17.00 Invited Speaker: S. Ulfsbjorninn
University of Lyon
Melody and Prosody in Strict CV Metrics
17.00-17.45 T. Scheer
Nice Sophia Antipolis University
Dual Phonology
17.45-18.30 B. Köhnlein
Ohio State University
Towards a unified analysis of interactions between foot structure, tone, duration, and segmental structure
18.30- DRINKS


*This workshop is one of the GLOW Workshops, though it takes place at the Meertens Institute. The organisers of the workshop would like to inaugurate the Meertens Institute’s new location/building. From the 14th of March, the other GLOW workshops and the main colloquium will take place in Leiden. The trip from Amsterdam to Leiden takes approximately 30 minutes by train.