The 40th GLOW colloquium consists of a main colloquium (March 15 – 17), and three workshops (on March 14). It will be organised and hosted by the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL).

Invited speaker: Hagit Borer (Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London)

The main conference has no specific theme; please find the programme on the GLOW2017 Main Colloquium page.

The three workshops to be held on March 14 have the following themes:

GLOW 40 will also be complemented by two special workshops, one hosted by Meertens (on March 13) and one by the University of Amsterdam and Meertens (March 18, invited speakers only).

Special workshop on March 13:

  • The Interface Within – What relationships hold between prosody and melody?
    This workshop takes place at the Meertens Institute, Amsterdam.

Special workshop on March 18 (invited speakers only): 

  • What happened to government? Workshop on the occasion of the retirement of Hans Bennis
    This workshop takes place at the University Library, Amsterdam.